To date, many players in the European food network have undertaken to source only RSPO certified sustainable palm oil in future.

This step is important and necessary to fight against deforestation in producing countries. But s.a. Aigremont n.v. believes we can do more. It has therefore decided not to wait and to go that extra mile … now!

Besides our renewable energy regeneration plant that has been meeting all of the company’s heat and electricity needs since 2005 …

Besides our title as first European margarine factory capable of offering certified sustainable products through the RSPO system (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) since 2010 …

Besides being the first European company in 2011 to market a product manufactured from 100% certified “segregated” palm oil, which is still today the highest RSPO certification level available on the market…

Besides the active participation in the creation of “the Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil” in 2013, which our Managing Director Mr Philippe Thiry still presides today…

We too, like our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers who have undertaken in recent months to use an even more traceable sustainable palm oil, are intent on sourcing exclusively raw material guaranteed “zero deforestation”… as soon as the entire chain is physically able to give us that guarantee.


However, due to the complexity of the palm oil supply network, the process of mapping “Zero Deforestation” zones should take several months, or even years, to be completely effective. We therefore believe that, as a responsible company, and that since the founding of the company in 1934, we must establish serious and immediate action to actively fight against deforestation.

For all these reasons, we are proud to announce our partnership with the NGO “Planète Urgence” with the aim of setting up a specific reforestation mission in Indonesia, the largest producer of palm oil in the world. s.a. Aigremont n.v. is concretely committed, from 2015, to help replant at least 10,000 trees to gradually reforest the Mahakam Delta in East Kalimantan province, a province in the Indonesian part of the island of Borneo.

The overall project aims to restore the ecosystem of the Mahakam Delta (East Kalimantan) while allowing local communities to develop economic activities that are compatible with the preservation of their environment.

The intervention of Planète Urgence in the Mahakam Delta, with specific support from s.a. Aigremont n.v. thus aims to contribute to reforestation and protection of forest cover and mangrove ecosystems. In this context, it plans to support the sustainable development of the local economy through the implementation of measures to help the local communities adapt and reduce their vulnerability to the impacts of climate change.

The project places particular emphasis on:

  • reducing the vulnerability of local communities to the effects of coastal erosion, rising sea levels and environmental degradation, via the restoration of mangrove forests,
  • the development of the socio-economic resilience of local communities by strengthening and developing sustainable aquaculture systems and supporting fish processing activities.

Moreover, and as already mentioned above, this action will not diminish our commitment to work as soon as possible with raw materials guaranteed “Zero Deforestation”. In this context, we are currently working with our suppliers to ensure that, beyond the RSPO certification system that already offers some environmental safeguards, we can trace 100% of the palm oil supplied to us. Because we actively pursue the ambition of becoming one of the drivers of improvement for the RSPO system and an inspiration for the food industry.

This reforestation mission we are pursuing in collaboration with Planète Urgence is therefore an integral part of our corporate philosophy and our overall project to protect the planet. Its implementation, as was the case for our cogeneration unit before it, will take place over several years.