At Aigremont, we make every effort to manufacture our products with due consideration for the environment. As such, we are actively involved in numerous environmental or civic initiatives.

As far back as 2005, we were the first margarine manufacturer, probably world-wide, to manufacture our products using renewable energy. In fact, our cogeneration unit allows us to be virtually self-sufficient in terms of heat and electricity production. In addition, we are continually investing in our production and transportation tools to use equipment at the cutting edge of technology and that are therefore more efficient from an energy perspective

But this is only one of our many efforts: in 2011, we were also the first Belgian company certified “RSPO”, that is to say capable of manufacturing its products using sustainable palm oil. This issue of the palm oil sustainability, and therefore the deforestation associated with it, has also prompted us to commit to two other causes.


From a sectoral perspective, Aigremont is at the origin of the Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil. Indeed, we have invited other food manufacturers, professional associations and non-governmental organisations to join in a common goal: to promote the exclusive use of sustainable palm oil. Mr Philippe Thiry still serves as the president of this association today.

From an individual point of view, we are also associated with Planète Urgence, a NGO that is working to introduce a reforestation programme in Indonesia, called “ReForest”. Of course, our financial resources are those of a medium-sized company and the task of reforestation in these areas is vast, but we believe that the proliferation of this kind of initiative also has a role to play in this tireless struggle to protect our planet.

Because at Aigremont, manufacturing good products is important … but doing so responsibly is even better!


Green Energy