BaspoFrom a sectoral perspective, Aigremont is the instigator of the Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil. In fact, we have invited other food manufacturers, trade associations and non-governmental organisations to join in a common goal: to promote the exclusive use of sustainable palm oil. Indeed, Mr Philippe Thiry still serves as the president of this association today.

The members of the Alliance must therefore undertake to respect a Charter drawn up in 2014 and whose main components are described below.

The Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil sets out to contribute significantly to the promotion and use of sustainable palm oil. Alliance members have the responsibility to transform the Belgian market into a sustainable palm oil market.

Members of the Belgian Alliance pledge to ensure that by 2020 the products they place on the Belgian market contain 100% sustainable palm oil. The alliance supports the Roundtable for Sustainable Palmoil (RSPO) and hinges its commitment around this standard. In addition, the alliance recognises the quality of other certification systems, such as ISCC Plus, Rainforest Alliance and POIG.

Food companies that are members of the Belgian Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil undertake by 2020, to apply the defined criteria on the palm oil they use for their products for the Belgian market subject to availability. A first step is to provide the Belgian market with 100% RSPO certified oil by the end of 2015. Moreover, they undertake to draw up and make public a programme of action particular to each or to take action in order to effectively achieve the objective of sustainable palm oil by 2020.

The federations for their part must motivate their members, educate and inform them in order to achieve the objectives mentioned above. A serious transformation towards sustainable palm oil requires a comprehensive approach and all parties, including producers, refineries, NGOs, public authorities, industrial users, distributors and end users, will be invited to work together to find solutions to any obstacles to the achievement of the objectives.

Our commitment as a company is clear: to show the way in the field of sustainability and encourage our partners and customers to follow this path as soon as possible.

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