The flexibility of our recipes, manufacturing tool and packaging gives us tremendous flexibility to develop fats adapted to the most specific customer applications. From cooking and roasting fats for domestic use to the most technological material for food manufacturers, not forgetting margarines for traditional bakers and pastry-makers, our product range is diverse to say the least. Some of the most common applications are given below.


Puff pastry

We have a wide range of margarines, fats and margarine-butter blends to make puff pastry that is always crispy and light. Pastry slices, quiches, vol-au-vent cases, puff pastry aperitifs… packaged in 2kg slabs for traditional bakers and pastry-makers or 10kg blocks for industrial use, we offer the most suitable products for each type of puff pastry.


Making the perfect croissant is a science that requires products of impeccable plasticity. Traditional or industrial manufacturers will find the margarines, butter-margarine blends or fats that meet their needs in our range. Our packaging in 2kg slabs for craft manufacturers or 10kg blocks for industrialists guarantee each user a format adapted to their needs.


Yeast dough

Whether for making waffles, biscuits, crackers, pastry, bread, pizza or pancakes… our products and their many packaging formats can meet all yeast and leavened dough applications.


The margarines we have developed for brioche-type applications have been specifically designed to obtain a soft and stringy brioche dough. In blocks of 500g or 2.5 kg for the traditional baker-pastry maker or in 10 kg blocks for industrial use, we have the product you need.



Our ready-to-use products facilitate the work of making garnishes, mocha creams, fillings, mousseline sauces and diverse and varied creamy mixtures. Our range includes practical formats for the traditional baker-pastry maker or larger formats for industrial-type uses.


We develop products specially designed for easy removal after baking. From the 600 ml spray to the 1000 L container, our food lubricating agents are made from high quality blends to very quickly and easily lubricate any type of baking sheet or mould.



We offer a wide range of oils and fats specifically designed for high temperature cooking. Our Criscol or Chef Olma oils are composed of precious oils, 100% vegetable, specially selected for their high smoke point. We also manufacture frying fats in blocks or bulk weighing 10kg, with 100% vegetable, beef or mixed recipes for users who prefer this format. Whether the user prefers their fried dishes to be digestible or tasty, we have the fat they are looking for.


Our margarines and cooking fats are studied to ensure that you can perfectly fry, bake and roast all your dishes. In addition, they can be ideally used for the production of baked goods in the home, to bind sauces or for making bechamel for example. These products have a reduced salt content and are guaranteed lactose free to be consumed safely by consumers sensitive to this kind of ingredients.



Our range of vegetable oils, intended primarily for professional kitchens, can be used for baking, frying and seasoning. Olive, peanut, rapeseed or sunflower oils are thus available to prepare your most delicious dishes.

Specific products

S.a. Aigremont n.v. also offers custom and advanced products for your specific applications. Take our Speed’Olma fat flakes, ideal for the preparation of freeze-dried soups, yeast doughs or pastries (brioches, pizzas, etc.). These flakes do not stick and disperse very easily, which facilitates dosage and allows a significant gain of time for kneading dough. Margarines or semi-liquid fats for professionals are other products that can be tailor made, in line with the manufacturing process of our customers.